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参赛用求职英文自我介绍范文范文 标签: 面试自我介绍,英语自我介绍,自我介绍ppt http://www.519jianli.com
hello!everyoe!my name is ***who lived in ***.i am a tall boy with short black hair.
my hobby is doing sports,especially playing football. i often play with my frienf after school.i think it is great fun,isn't it?playing computer games is a n another hobby.sometimes i play with my puppy called sam
i like to eat different kinds of food,expecially fish and fruit.but ,i don't like coke or hamburger at allbecause they are unhealthy foodmy parents often tell me not to eat them.i think everyone should eat some healthy food,like vegrtables ,fruits fish,and so on.
this is me. a kind and handsome boy.do you know me? do you like to be my friend
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