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  其实要懂得应对此问题,就要先做好准备you'll have a better chance of impressing the interviewer if you think about this question before the interview.
  the first thing to realize is that the question, "tell me about yourself," provides you with a great chance to promote your strong points. this is particularly important when applying for a job that is different from what you have done in the past. you need to show the interviewer that your previous jobs provide you with skills that can be used in the new job.
  what to talk about 如何介绍?
  你可以选择三个重点来介绍自己,但避免重复履历中曾提及的资料。around this skeleton should be the meat of your answer; your less obvious, but important skills. here are some of the skills that you might want to mention. 你可以介绍自己是:
  problem solver 解决问题能手
  creati ve thinker 充满创意
  accurate 小心谨慎
  people person 与人相处融洽
  team player 合群
  organized 组织力高
  this doesn't mean that you just say, "i'm a great problem solver." instead, explain how you used your problem-solving skills at your previous job. 事例比自我夸耀更能说明问题。
  what to say 应说什么?
  what you actually say, in terms of the words you use, is something that you have to decide. you need to create an answer that sounds natural and, at the same time, interesting. 背答案估计没有人愿意听。the way to determine whether your answer is natural is simply by writing a first draft of the answer and then read it out loud. when you do this, you'll probably spot things that you have to change.
  here are some final things to think about when answering the question
  "tell me about yourself."
  mention major awards or accomplishments that relate to your career;
  promote your strengths, but do not mention any of your weaknesses;
  try to be funny if you can, but don't force it;
  summarize your career and education, but don't recite a list;
  don't start with your date of birth;
  avoid information that is not career-related. the fact that you own a dog won't get you a job
  always answer this question
  try to sound natural
  relax and enjoy yourself!


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