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  my name is***

  Since graduated from Hunan Huangpu Foreign Language College in 2003,I had done the teaching for one and half an year,and had worked in foreign trade business.

  Until in Feb,2005,I returned to the South Central University for studying more knowledge and confirming objective.

亚博体育官网首页  During the past two years studing,I had been majoring the Application English on the base of Trading English,including the Advance English(one),Advance(two),Economy And Trade English,Busiess English Correspondence,Selected Readings In English And American Literatures,Chinese And English Translation Course,Interpret And Listening,Japanese,Advance English Writing etc.In addtion, I got the undergraduate diploma,flunetly oral English,good conpprehesion reading

  better social communication ability!

  For the time being, I would like to hunt the job that with regard to the trade business or English.I am sure that I should take advantage of my ability and experience to serve for your firm.


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