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应聘客服代表英语自我介绍 标签: 面试自我介绍,英语自我介绍,自我介绍ppt http://www.519jianli.com
  此篇为范文,而面试这位求职者的是一位中国考官。 ?   My English name is Julie. I chose Julie to be my English name because my family name is Zhu. I guess I'm not the first Julie you have interviewed, because there are so many Julies, hehe. My hometown is Wuhan, so I speak Hubei dialect in addition to Mandarin and some Cantonese. ?   I graduated from Guangzhou University two years ago. I had great performance in university, two scholarships, two awards of Excellent Student Cadre, and one impressive award of Full Attendance, which means I never missed a single class that semester! ?   My first job was receptionist and secretary in an electronic company, but I left in less than a year simply because I had little work to do there. At that time I could finish a day's work in several hours. I couldn't bear the boredom of having nothing to do, so I quit. ?   My current job is a very busy one. I work at Leshi Pharmaceutical Company. Leshi, as you can see on my resume, specializes in the wholesale of Chinese medicine, the annual sales are about 50 million RMB. I am one of the eight customer service representatives. I provide services to about fifty customers, inputting orders, pushing payments, handling complaints and so on. Last year I ranked number two of the eight representatives in the annual Satisfaction Survey. Sales reps gave me 4.5 and customers gave me 4.2 out of the full score of 5 for the services I provided. ?   I'm interested in Ciba for two reasons. The first reason is that I look forward to joining a big international company. The second reason is that I feel I meet your requirements. Although I've never worked in fine chemistry companies, the two-year experience in a pharmaceutical company has made me a qualified customer service representative who can meet the high standards. I believe you know that the pharmaceutical business usually has very strict requirements and high standards. In addition, I am sure I can learn how to use Oracle ERP in a short time, as I am very familiar with Hejia ERP, which is quite similar, and I use the English version at my present job. That's about all. ?   简单概述这份的大概意思: ?

  我的英文名字是朱莉。我选择了Julies是我的英文名字,因为我姓朱。我想我不是第一个叫Julies的应聘者,因为有这么多Julies ,呵呵。我的家乡是武汉,所以我讲湖北方言除了普通话和一些广东话。



  我目前的工作是一个非常繁忙的一年。我在Leshi制药公司工作。 Leshi是个专业批发中国医药的公司,每年的销售额约50亿元人民币。我是8个地区的客户服务代表。我负责约为50客户提供咨询,,输入订单,推动付款,处理投诉等。我在年年度满意度调查中排名第2。公司给我的评分是4.5,客户给我4.2,满分是5分。

  我应聘瑞士汽巴的原因有两个。第一个是,我期待着加入一个大的国际公司。第二个原因是,我觉得我满足您的要求。虽然我从来没有从事精细化工公司的工作经历,制药公司但是两年经验使我取得了客户服务代表应具备的高标准素质。我相信你知道,医药企业通常有着严格的要求和高标准。此外,我相信,我可以学习如何使用Oracle ERP只花了很多的时间,Hejia ERP系统应该我也能很快适应,因为这是非常相似的。这就是我的

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