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外贸跟单 外贸采购英文yabo2016.net模板

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  Basic personal information

  Name: *** Gender: Female

  Birthplace: Handan, HebeiProvince Age: 24

  School: Liren College of Yanshan University

  Major: Business Administration

  Address: CuiZhuang Village,Fengfeng Mining Area,

  Handan,Hebei Province Postal Code: 056200




  Responsible and energetic,strong self-discipline, careful and own good team spirits, good at learning, positive and optimistic

  University courses

  Mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, financial management, accounting, reading and analysis of financial statements, management, marketing, human resources management, electronic commerce, technology economics, production operations management, project management,, International Business, International Trade Practice, writing, macro and micro economics, statistics, business administration, English, business etiquette, organizational behavior, economic law, tax law, etc.


  Yanshan University College (September 2007—June 2011)

  Was named the 2011 session of the outstanding graduates Liren

  Won three national motivational scholarships (coverage of 1% -2%)

  Liren College Students

  09-10 College awarded two scholarships for the third time; (coverage of approximately 15%)

  08-09 received two first-class scholarship;

  07-08 scholarships by the fall and spring semester, first-class scholarship;


  National College English Language Ability: CET4: 611 CET6: 548

  University of Spoken English examinations forty-six: B,

  BEC Vantage results: C

  2009 Class C National College English Contest results: third place

  Got Through national level accountant, accounting qualification examination

  Got Through the National Universities Computer Test, VF examinations

  Practical experience in school

  June 2010

  Professional Practice: XingLong supermarket bulk Group. This is a unified organization and the practice was contacted by our school. I was working at the sales team at BaiTaling , one of the main supermarkets . The job was mainly engaged with the staff ,receiving goods,and helping with the sale .

  Winter 2010 (1 ---- 2 mid-end) to work

  This was my own short-term job in a private chain restaurant . My main job was to help the sale of the goods.In collaboration with my colleagues, we successfully completed the sales of the task. Although it was a hard time, I really think it contributes a lot to my responsibility and teamwork abilty.

  Management Association liaison work

  Institute of Management Association is the only five-star club in my college. During freshman year, I participated in the community. I was responsible for gainning spons

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