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公共关系学英文 yabo2016.net

Personal information?
English Name : Nikki
Chinese Name:
Gender: Female ?
Date of Birth: Stature:162CM
Work Experience: ?1 years ?
Residency: Guangzhou
Mobile :
Skills:Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as Chinese writing, Fluency in speaking Mandarin.

Career Objective????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Type of Employment: Full-time ?
Desired Location:??
Desired Salary: Negotiable /Month?
Desired Position:?
●Assistant manager
●Representative of commerce
●Assistant of foreign trade

Work experience??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

? 2007.07 to 2008.03 ?
Company: yimei.com ??
Duty: ? ? Operating Director Assistant

Running the web;
Constructing and managing the operating center:including custermer-service department ,designing department,product and operating department;
Changing edition of the web and supervising the operation;
Operating the upgrade programming and supervising the operation of the background ?;
Building and operating the channel managing system;
The relative work for market extending;
Provide the daily administration and secretarial support.

? 2006.12 ?to ?2008.03 ?
Company:Royal Automobile Operation Co., Ltd ?
Duty:Operating : Sale Advisor
To fulfill the sales target within specific time
To develop potential customers
Present and explain car performance,Provide the customer our company benefits.

Get the associate degree at Nanhua College of Industry and Commerce;
Take part in English Speech and other activities, organize the discussion;
Specialized courses pertaining to foreign trade: International Trade, Marketing, Business English Letters, Foreign Trade English, Business English Speaking and listening and so on.

Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as Chinese writing, Fluency in speaking Mandarin.

Other imformation?????????
My personality is faithful, energetic, responsible, active, enterprising and industrious. I have a wide range of hobbies, especially for traveling and cooking. I truly hope that we will have a good cooperation. It will be highly appreciated if you give me a opportunity and soon reply.?

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