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Personal Details?
Age: 24 years??
Nationality: China (Mainland)?
Current Place: Guangzhou?
Height/Weight: 163 cm?53 kg?
Marital Status: Single

Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker?
Preferred job title: Export merchandizer: Export Mechandizer 、 Administrative / Personnel: 、 Foreign trade/ trade specialist/assistant:??
Working life: 2?
Title: primary title?
Job type: Full time?
Expected Start date: In a day?
Expected salary: ¥2,000--¥3,500?
Preferred working place: Guangzhou?

Work Experience?
Company\'s name: Wideasia International corp.Begin and end date: 2006-11-2009-02?
Enterprise nature: Private enterprisesIndustry: Textile/garment?
Job Title:? Foreign Trade assistant??
Job description:? Be responsible for the correspondence with foreign clients and contact with the factories.? Arranging the production and other business,such as quoting,sampling,making invoice/packing list,arranging shipment,etc.??
Company\'s name: Guangzhou Yangda Electronic Co, LtdBegin and end date: 2006-04-2006-10?
Enterprise nature: Private enterprisesIndustry: Electrical/electronics/communication equipment?
Job Title:? Sales and Interpreter??
Job description:? Work as an interpreter in the sale department, responsible for assisting the manager communicate with the foreign clients.??
Educational Background?
Name of School: Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Tenology??
Highest Degree: Bachelor?
Date of Graduation: 2006-07-01?
Name of Major : Marketing
Language Ability?
Foreign Language: English Level: good?
Chinese level: perfect Cantonese Level: perfect?
Relevant skills and abilities?
? 1.Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing.Have past CET6.
2.Acquaint with software(such as word,excel,and photoshop) and Internet.?

Self-recommendation letter?
? I am able to use English expertly. Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing. Acquaint with Word,excel,and photoshop.? Responsible, honest, industrious, modest, aggressive, positive, independent, cooperative, be filled with passion and be able to bear the work pressure. I have strong sense of responsibility and team work sprit. I love working and I’m sure I will exert every effort to work for the company.?

Work Tel:??
Home Tel:???
Mobile Phone: 13888888888

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